Waraburra Nura

Persoonia Levis


Persoonia Levis was not able to be found, Persoonia Linearis is in Box 4 and Persoonia Pinifolia in Box 5

The Persoonia Levis, the Geebung. You could eat the pulp of the fruit but the skin and seed had to be discarded and hopefully you'd discard the seed somewhere where it would eventually grow. Unfortunately, for it to actually germinate it takes thirteen years, long time. 

The bark which is quite flaky and quite beautiful, a deep purple, it was used a filling in paper bark napkins in for children and menstruating women. It could also be used in certain ways to pack on wounds but you had to make sure you had the paper bark of Melaleuca Linariifolia between the bark and the wound itself, it just made it better if you bumped it or something, it didn't hurt as much.