Always on Country: School Workshop

Learn about plants local to Sydney which are used to cure warts, make the world’s oldest energy drink and improve memory!

Join D’harawal Saltwater Knowledge keeper Shannon Foster as she shares traditional string making techniques for fishing and tool making, storytelling, local language greetings and a visit to the UTS Indigenous medicinal plant garden Waraburra Nura. Through the workshop students will gain an understanding of the resilience and richness of Indigenous knowledges in Sydney and a deeper understanding of always being on Country in Australia.

“The medicinal plants workshop was a wonderful experience for our group. Shannon and Alice created a beautiful atmosphere with their genuine warmth. They were able to relate to everyone in the group and make them feel a part of something special. Both students and teachers were completely engrossed. We learned not only about medicinal herbs, but participated in traditional weaving as Shannon used her craft as a story teller, sharing her deep knowledge and understanding of her people’s culture and history.
We left feeling renewed, and with an awakening need to develop a better understanding of Australia’s first people and their rich relationship with our land.
A truly inclusive experience.” – participating teacher