Waraburra Nura Garden

Bujari Gamarruwa (Good Day)

Waraburra Nura (Happy Wanderer’s Place) is The University of Technology Sydney’s Indigenous medicinal plant garden on the North-facing balcony of the main tower, level 6.

The audio recordings on this site are D’harawal Senior and botanist Aunty Fran Bodkin explaining the plants and their uses. Below she tells us about the associations Australian plants form with each other and the importance of Eucalypts in that relationship.


Waraburra Nura (Happy Wanderer’s Place) is a garden of medicinal plants native to the Sydney basin. These plants have existed on this land for thousands of years, adapting to the environment and supporting the people who have lived here and continue living here today. This garden is a small way to show locals and visitors part of the rich living culture in Sydney, where UTS stands.

The use of combination planting exemplifies Indigenous agricultural practices which enhance the rich medicinal value of each plant. At least four or five plants clustered together will support and nourish each other with the addition of Eucalypt leaves folded into the soil. The Eucalypts are an essential aspect in plant health as the decaying leaves create a fungus on the roots of each plant, providing nutrients in poor soil environments.

Waraburra Nura has been created under the close consultation of D’harawal Senior and botanist Aunty Fran Bodkin. Her research and generosity in sharing her knowledge with us has been essential in the development of the garden and information contained in this website. The garden has also benefited from Uncle Bruce Pascoe who has generously shared information about edible plants and Indigenous agricultural practices.


Waraburra Nura is a joint project between UTS ART and Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research.

D’harawal Senior, botanist and medicinal plant consultant: Aunty Fran Bodkin
Yuin Senior and UTS Professor: Uncle Bruce Pascoe
Garden bed design: Nicole Monks
Audio recordings and transcripts: Tamatau Faleono
Indigenous Education Consultant: Shannon Foster
Podcast production and audio recordings: Pauline Clague & Mel Missi Pesa
Website Design: Sonke Roth
Creative Producer, UTS ART: Alice McAuliffe
Thank you: Maree Graham, Kaleena Smith, Blanch Lake, Jerwayne James, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Cara Mancini, JD Reforma, Janet Ollevou, UTS Facilities Management Operations and Central Services.


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